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PostSubject: MoonSpa Aesthetics   MoonSpa Aesthetics 12cloc10Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:49 am


contact email:

I do not have pets, and I do not smoke. (My primary vice is Chocolate Wink)


News: I am not taking any more reservations for aesthetic work. I will work through the current wait list untill it is completed. The only exception is emergency repairs on CCC tinies. Thank your for your understanding.
The waiting list can be found HERE.

Turn around time:
currently 8-12 weeks. If time will be longer I will let you know. Progress will be updated as I go (can be found after your name, listed under "Current Appointments")
I live in Oregon in one of the rainiest areas ever. High humidity is not conducive to spraying sealants or casting resin. therefore I will be taking fewer commission slots during the winter and spring as there are not as many clear days to work with.

I require ALL packages sent to me to have a "delivery confirmation" number, and for that number to be emailed to me. This is the number that allows the package to be tracked online. Even if your postal person tells you that you don't need it, get it anyway as I need to be able to make sure someone is home to receive the packages. All other "tracking numbers" are only used by the post office if the package goes missing.
I highly suggest insuring your package. I am NOT responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping. If you own a face-guard please secure the head in it before shipping. Please make sure everything is packaged very well, as the same packing materials will be used to ship the head (or items) back to you. You are responsible for paying shipping to me and back to you!

*I take paypal, I do not charge paypal fees. My prices cover the fees, thanks!

**It is suggested to send the doll's wig and eyes for the sake of update photos and final photos!

Supplies I use:

~MSC and VOLKS ZM, if you want a different sealant, you must provide your own.
~Acrylic Paint and mediums (mostly Vallejo!)
~Chalk Pastels (mostly sennelier)
~pearlex powders
~Craft Glue (tacky glue)
~91% alcohol, magic sponge, Winsor&Newton brush cleaner (I am loath to use acetone on resin, and in general avoid it)
~Hot glue, low temp
~Acrylic gloss varnish
~Watercolor/color pencils (prismacolor)
~2 part epoxy
~rare earth magnets

Services Available: Prices and services available have changed.

CCC Firefly Fairy packages are located below:

(CCC reinforcements for body are averaging $80-$150 depending on degree of damage and aesthetic work)

~~~ FireFlyFairy/CCC special deal. The total Moon Spa deluxe Package. $120. ($150 value)
Repair/ reinforcements package (minor/medium chips and bubbles, wrist and ankle reinforcements, neck and headcap reinforcements and magnetic upgrades) 
Restringing package (suedeing, double stringing & custom s-hooks)
Beauty salon package (body blush, tattoo, mani-pedi, New faceup including fancy details and eyelashes if desired)
Moon Spa souvineers!***

~~Basic FFF/CCC package : $61 (note; I cannot restring the 1st gen fairies without doing these reinforcements)
Head Reinforcement
CCC neckhole upgrade-ring,
Body sealing and Filled bubbles, 
4 Joint mods to wrists and ankles, 
new tiny s-hooks, 
double stringing,
hot glue suedeing, (optional)

~Additional Repair costs for extensive damage such as cracks, large chips, joint rebuilding, and spare parts will discussed.

Add ons
Face-up All sizes: $40
Old face-up removal: $3
Eyelash application: $5 (black only) If you supply your own lashes this service is free with faceup.
Manicure/Pedicure: $10
Body Blushing: includes mani/pedi, CCC FFF: $20,
Tattoos FFF: $10-$50ish (depends on subject, size, details, etc.)
headcap magnet upgrade- yo/tiny $10 

Additive modding- elf ears, claws, horns, fingernails contact for quote

*Please feel free to email me to figure out prices in finer details before commissioning me

I will send pictures of the work before gloss. Changes will be done if needed more pics will be sent. If the removal of work is required, it will be free for the first removal. Any additional reworks may* be subject to a $10 or more charge. (*If the changes are due to you changing your mind mid-work, or not describing your needs in full detail)

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