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 LMD Doll 1st BJD Grace

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PostSubject: LMD Doll 1st BJD Grace   Sun May 05, 2013 9:03 pm

I had a plan to make a serious of small dolls. I had themes and grand ideas! my first bjd would be a female about 20cm tall and I knew exactly how she would be. I got some resin and silicon and started makeing some cat ears as practice and to sell to support my project.

Then my plans got a bit sidetracked. I found out my baby sister is chronically ill.
Other than pray and cuss alot there isn't alot I can to to help her, so I felt very helpless since she lives in Florida and I live in Oregon.
Then a tiny voice in my head told me that I can provide comfort and hope and I started sculpting my first doll for my sister. She isn't anything like I had planned, but she just had to come into being.
She is a winged serpent, the symbol on the caduesus and long time symbol of healing.

here are the WIP pictures

early WIP's

This is the finished doll. she is cast in black resin. the purple pearl color is a powder coat that was brushed into the mold on every single peice. This gives a thin but durable color finish.
I have named her Grace after my baby sisters middle name since the first doll is for her.

G901 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

G902 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

G903 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

G904 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

G905 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

G906 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

G907 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

G908 by leopardessmoon, on Flickr

My sister sent me a picture! She loves her and every night she wraps her around the hose to her breathing machine so she can watch over her while she sleeps.

you can see pitures here on my facebook page as well.

"just call me Leo, its easier to type Very Happy"
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LMD Doll 1st BJD Grace
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